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Chromebook Distribution Information

Chromebook Distribution Information ( Grades 2-5)

Note: If you are a parent of a student in grades PreK-2nd, you will be notified at a later date to retrieve your child's Chromebook once we receive it at the school, however please follow the steps below so your  student's name will be added to the list. 


If your child is in need of a Chromebook, please follow the steps below! 


Step 1:

Please click on the link below and submit the form!

2020-2021 CGES Student Chromebook Usage Form



Once the form has been completed, please click on the link  below and fill out the Student & Parent  Digital Dreamers Device User Agreement 2020-2021 ( You must enter your child's student# in order to fill out the agreement).  If you don't know the student#, please email Ms. H. Harris at [email protected] 

Digital Dreamers Device User Agreement 2020-2021


Step 3: 

Please come by Cedar Grove Elementary during the scheduled times below for pick-up ( in the Front Lobby) ! 

( Photo ID is REQUIRED)

New Hours for Chromebook Pick-Up (Grades 2-5)